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The Delos WELL Building StandardTM
A Holistic Approach to Health in the Built Environment

Already a Bay Area trailblazer in LEED, the innovative green building program, BCCI is rising to yet another challenge: the new WELL Building Standard®. WELL recognizes built environments that support human health and wellbeing.

WELL combines design and construction best practices with evidence-based medical research on human wellness. Findings have shown that WELL Certified™ spaces can improve the mood, fitness, nutrition, sleep patterns, and performance of occupants. Awarded at the Silver, Gold and Platinum levels, WELL Certification is performance-based, with requirements in seven categories that impact occupant health in the built environment.


The Seven Concepts of the WELL Building Standard



Building WELL at BCCI and Beyond

At BCCI we believe so strongly in the concepts of WELL for occupant health, that we designed and constructed our own headquarters to meet WELL v1 Silver Certification for New and Existing Interiors. We have since built the first ground-up building in Northern California to target WELL Core and Shell Compliance. Now our team is working on certification for a 209,000 square-foot tenant improvement project in North Texas for a global medical technologies firm and a 232,000 square-foot project in San Jose, both targeting WELL v1 Silver Certification for New and Existing Interiors.

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