A+C 18: "The Resilient Practice"

6:00 pm - 8:00 pm

Feldman Architecture
1648 Pacific Avenue, Suite B
San Francisco, CA 94109

As part of San Francisco’s 15th Annual Architecture + the City Festival, “The Resilient Practice” picks up where the 2014 AIASF event “The Divergent Practice” leaves off. Where “The Divergent Practice” focused on unconventional yet equally valid and validating career paths for women with either architecture education, or experience or both, “The Resilient Practice” is outwardly-focused.

Hear from women in architecture practice — whether in firm leadership, in cross-over practice, or in multi-discipline practice on — about why the future of the profession is symbiotic to the future of cities. By sharing their career strategies the panelists also hope to provide blueprints for successful professional paths. By sharing on current practice based on their unique perspective and shared experiences and by envisioning their ideal future scenarios, the panelists will touch on sustainability, equity, diversity, access and inclusiveness as ideals for not just future cities, but also future practice.

BCCI’s Architectural Senior Project Manager, Lisa Szmurlo, will be a featured panelist and will share her unique experience working on both the design and construction side of projects.

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