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An Insider’s Perspective on RTE

BCCI Executive Vice President
Bill Groth discusses the
advantages of the RTE process.


BCCI’s Real Time Estimator (RTE) transforms estimating into a collaborative, creative team experience. With RTE we are able to create shared expectations and foster partnerships during the earliest stages of a project. We can explore various design scenarios and compare costs even before plans are drafted. This process aligns all stakeholders upfront as well as the program, design, and budget goals.

Real Time Estimator: Budgeting Collaboratively

RTE helps streamline the complexity of budgeting a commercial construction project with hundreds of thousands of individual components. Together as a team, different options can be considered in real time, giving our clients the information they need to make informed decisions on real estate selection, design direction, equipment and finishes that best meet their project goals. What’s more, RTE delivers highly detailed budgets with costs broken down by functional area rather than just by trade. To ensure accuracy, unit prices are updated regularly to reflect changes in costs associated with material, labor, and code regulations. This practice makes it easy to drill down into the details and quickly assess cost drivers on a given project.

  • Efficiency
    Budgets can be turned around three times faster, shortening the time required for design and preconstruction
  • Budget Accuracy
    Real time estimates are comprehensive, broken down by program area or trade, with an historic track record of within 2.5% of the final GMP
  • Complete Cost Control
    Because costs are based on our database historic bid data, RTE ensures client confidentiality and the most competitive subcontractor pricing once construction documents are complete and the project is finally bid
  • Increased Collaboration
    RTE helps prevent re-designs, value engineering and schedule delays