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“The incorporation of a seismic strengthening system into the Musto Building’s historic fabric was a challenging process. It required complete excavation of the building’s footprint and foundation systems, meticulously removing, modifying and restoring visual elements to retain the original period structure.”

– Don Tiefenbrunn
BCCI Division Vice President


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Whether it be in San Francisco, or south bay construction, at BCCI, total quality control is built into everything we do. Our goal is to exceed our client’s expectations for both the process and the outcome. We do it with our unparalleled QC process, which is critical to the success of complex structural projects like this one.

THE BATTERY, SAN FRANCISCO: Meticulous QC Provides Foundation for Success

  • The unreinforced masonry structure was built on landfill and required a complete seismic upgrade. A state-of-the-art seismic strengthening system braced by steel frames that extend through each floor was incorporated to allow the original brick surfaces to remain exposed on the interior.
  • Sophisticated engineering was required for the addition of a new penthouse level featuring a modern glass curtain wall system, roof deck and Jacuzzi pool.
  • A 40-foot glass and steel staircase was cantilevered to achieve a continuous folded steel aesthetic, and a one-of-a-kind glass exterior elevator was installed to transport guests from the basement level to the penthouse.
  • Acoustics were unusually complicated, as guest rooms are located above event space. To mitigate noise, the ceiling system was designed to float. Structural columns were isolated so they would not transfer sound, and millwork details were fabricated so they would not vibrate.

We rehabilitated a former red-tagged, Bay Area historic building and transformed it into an elegant 60,000-square-foot private social club. The Battery houses a restaurant, four bars, a wine cellar, a library, a conference center, a fitness center, and 14 guest rooms.

Project Awards

2014 IIDA NC Play Merit Award
2014 Excellence in Structural Engineering Award of Merit