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“We don’t pull the trigger on a potential investment without BCCI vetting the scope and budget as relates to their responsibility. They don’t look at their bottom line, they look at the project. They work with you – they are true partners. Your success is their success.”

Cyrus Sanandaji, Managing Director,
Presidio Bay Ventures

The foundation of a successful construction project begins with rigorous planning during preconstruction. “The greatest development failures can often be traced to poor investigation work up front. BCCI’s added value is all in the planning stage,” says Don Tiefenbrunn, Division Vice President.

At BCCI, we partner with our clients early in the process, to ensure alignment between the owner/developer, the design team and our construction team. For us, it’s never too soon to get involved. In fact, several of our clients consult with us on potential land and building acquisitions.

Building ROI at 1045 Bryant Street

For the renovation of 1045 Bryant Street in San Francisco, developer Presidio Bay Ventures hired BCCI to perform a full building evaluation and identify the best design and cost solution before escrow even closed. To reposition the property more profitably, BCCI’s team evaluated various options to upgrade the existing structure and accommodate new programmatic functions for retail and office tenant spaces. Our challenge was to transform the building from the outside in, provide a new building entry point and lobby space, all while maintaining the integrity of the nearly one hundred year-old brick and timber building and honoring budgetary constraints.

Once all of the stakeholders were in agreement on the financial, aesthetic and functional goals, BCCI provided turnkey design-build services, including construction management, project management, architectural, and general contractor services. We utilized a reverse-engineering approach for each scope of work based on the client’s pre-set budget. Working collaboratively with the project team we considered all options before deciding on the final design and the plan for selective demolition. While completing the core and shell renovation work, BCCI also constructed the tenant improvements for the new building occupants.

BCCI is currently in various stages of completion on five additional projects for Presidio Bay Ventures and continues to advise on potential acquisitions all over the Bay Area and across the U.S.

To reposition the circa 1916 building, BCCI removed the existing Bryant Street exterior street level façade to expose the original masonry brick elevation and improved natural light with the installation of new storefront windows and doors along all four ground floor elevations.

Additional features of the 1045 Bryant Street renovation include:

  • New main lobby entrance with elevator access to each floor
  • New code compliant egress stairs and roof access stairs
  • New men’s and women’s ADA compliant restrooms on each floor
  • New mechanical heating, plumbing, fire protection and electrical systems
  • New exterior lighting and lighted street signage
  • New addition of a private rear patio and irrigated landscaping
  • New secured site fencing systems and gates for parking and tenant walkways