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San Francisco, CA

Adler & Colvin, a law firm specializing in the legal needs of the nonprofit sector, partnered with BCCI to complete the design and construction of its new office space in the Financial District. Featuring a reception area, a large conference room, meeting rooms, a break area, a wellness room, private and open work areas, and a library, the office provides flexibility and function to support the varied needs of employees and clients.

Wanting a casual yet hip vibe, BCCI created a retro “Mad Men” inspired palette for the client’s space. A request for 225 linear feet of book storage also provided design inspiration. A library-styled conference room was built, and a shelving unit in reception offers additional book storage while also acting as a divider between the glass front main conference room. BCCI was able to deliver a design-build solution that met the client’s design, schedule, and budget goals.

Architect: BCCI
Project Size: 10,000 sf
Date Completed: October 2018