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Mountain View, CA

BCCI wanted its new South Bay office to be reflective of the firm’s culture and passion for building. The design team was challenged to create an open, inviting work environment that supports organic interaction while also creating quiet spaces for focused work. Additionally the team was tasked with designing the workplace to meet the seven concepts of the new WELL Building Standard: Air, Water, Nourishment, Light, Fitness, Comfort, and Mind for WELL certification. The office features spaces to gather, connect, and celebrate. Improvements include a new open office space, conference rooms, lighting, HVAC units, restrooms and the relocation of an IDF room. Furniture was selected to support flexible work and individual comfort, such as sit-stand desks and ergonomic chairs. A crisp, clean aesthetic with a palate of white, gray and black brightens the space while accents of fiery fuchsia create added interest.

Architect: BCCI Construction Company
Project Size: 10,000 sf
Date Completed: January 2018