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San Francisco, CA

BCCI will begin construction April 2018 on the Artists Replacement Space Building, a ground up multi-story concrete structures designed for future tenant adaptability located on the corner of Horne Avenue and Robinson Street. The intent of the project is to provide replacement studios for artists that will be displaced from their current locations by the Hunter’s Point Shipyard Phase 2 development plans.

The building includes one street grade floor level at Robinson Street and Horne Avenue and four above grade floor levels measured from the Plaza entrance. Along with a commercial kitchen, the building will be the first structure of Hunter’s Point Shipyard Phase 2 development. The new structure will have a centrally located passenger elevator which serves all street levels and will also serve as a loading elevator for larger artwork or materials the artists may need to bring in and out of the building. The entry lobby from Robinson Street provides a five-level atrium space to display art and allows for visual connections of each level to the main lobby. The plaza entry lobby also connects to the elevator core, and when operable glass doors are opened, the lobby expands into the gallery space. Construction will complete Summer 2019.

Architect: IBI Group
Project Size: 88,610 sf
Date Complete: August 2019