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San Francisco, CA

Located in a mid-Market high-rise, a full floor which was previously utilized as a dense server farm was converted into the sustainable and energy efficient new office headquarters for San Francisco’s Department of the Environment (SFE). BCCI was brought on during preconstruction to work with the project team during planning and provide budgets for the new improvements to cost effectively transform the space into a modern workplace that supports the agency’s environmental goals and vision. The new office includes classrooms for educating the public about recycling technologies and environmental standards, a reception area that doubles as an all-hands meeting and presentation space, and an “eco center” that features art created from garbage and recycled material that rotates throughout the year.

To bring a bit of nature into the space, a living wall was added in the open office area. Beyond selecting materials containing reclaimed and recycled content, a number of strategies were implemented to conserve natural resources. SFE achieved a 49% reduction in indoor potable water use with the installation of .35 gpm aerators in lavatory facets. A 30% reduction in energy use was achieved through decreasing lighting density and implementing lighting controls; installing occupancy sensors that tie demand to ventilation system use; purchasing Energy Star equipment and appliances; and installing sub meters to measure conservation at the system level for lighting and plug loads. Additionally through BCCI’s waste management plan, the project achieved 98% diversion from landfall. The result of integrated design and construction, SFE’s office was awarded LEED CI Platinum certification in 2014.

Sustainable Built Environment, 2014 Acterra Business Environmental Awards

Architect: RMW architecture & interiors
Project Size: 24,300
Date Completed: April 2013
LEED Certification: LEED-CI Platinum