Unveiling LEED 2012

Planning is underway for the latest version of the USGBC LEED Rating System, which is slated for release in November 2012. This third version of the system has LEED consultants and users eager for a more robust and technically intuitive system than the current version, which was last updated in 2009.

While the system will continue to rely on a 110-point scale (100 base points and 10 bonus points), there will be added credit categories and compliance paths for 2012. LEED 2012 will include a new credit category called Location and Transportation (LT) in addition to Sustainable Sites that presently focus on surrounding density and connection to community.

Another difference with LEED 2012 is the addition of seven new impact categories: climate change; health and well-being; water resources; biodiversity and ecosystems; resource cycles, green economy; and community. Developed by the LEED Steering Committee, this feature forces users to go one step further in the LEED process and define outcomes, “What do we want LEED projects to accomplish?”  For instance, tenants looking to relocate will receive points for performing an environmental assessment of each building being considered. The impact categories will require an integrated project delivery that pertains to all of the varying rating systems, including BD&C, ID&C, EBOM, ND, and Homes.

These are just a few of the expected changes to come with the new LEED rating system. BCCI’s Sustainability Team continues to follow the developments of the 2012 version of LEED to educate our clients, our industry partners as well as the commercial real estate community on how these updates will impact upcoming projects.

To learn more about LEED 2012, join us for our presentation on LEED 2012: Change is on the Horizon at the CoreNet Spring Summit, Monday April 30, 11:00 a.m. – 12:30 p.m. at the San Diego Convention Center. This session will help you and your company evaluate how the new rating system will affect various types of projects and policy decisions on a local and national level. Follow the conversation on Twitter: #CNGSanDiego.

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