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BCCI’s comprehensive approach to preconstruction is a key advantage that distinguishes us from other builders. During this phase, your expectations are thoroughly explored and defined. Following extensive due diligence by our team, the architectural plan is clearly articulated, and the materials and construction techniques that will best achieve your goals are identified.

To prevent surprises, we explore all possibilities for hidden or incidental costs, review constructability, and then create detailed, realistic budget estimates and schedules. We will also recommend alternate materials and methods, where appropriate, to save on costs and/or improve sustainability, while maintaining design intent. Using this collective information as a roadmap, we protect the interests of all stakeholders throughout the project, while allowing the project team to make informed decisions to stay on schedule, and on-budget.

Areas of Focus
  • Concept Development
  • Project Planning, Scheduling, and Phasing
  • Site and Building Analysis
  • Environmental Assessment
  • Constructability Review
  • Preconstruction Budgets and Cost Estimates
  • Consultant/Trade Onboarding
  • Life Cycle Cost Analysis
  • Risk Assessment
  • Green Building/Sustainability Options
  • Long-Lead Materials Purchasing
  • Value Engineering
  • Entitlements/Permits
  • Subcontractor Selection
Expediated precon for new office space: Private Equity Firm

Reception, Board Room & Private Offices

“BCCI’s thoughtful approach, adaptability, and proactive coordination helped us to achieve a very successful transformation of [444 Castro], despite many complexities and challenges. BCCI understands the big picture as well as the details, which enabled them to bring creative solutions and options to the team. They have been a terrific partner, and we look forward to working with them again!”

“BCCI’s presentation of costs grouped by area made it easy for us to make decisions on where to allocate our project budget for our new headquarters. Through a successful partnership with BCCI and the design team, we were able to create a fun and inspiring workplace that represents our innovative culture.”

“During conceptual pricing, BCCI’s team was patient and collaborative as different options and ideas were presented and considered. This was a big undertaking and high-profile project for La Cocina. It was important to get the functionality right for themselves as an organization and the people who would work and cook in the space. BCCI was there to recommend cost-saving ideas and highlight the constructability of different design elements. At several junctions in the build-out, new design considerations or changes came up. BCCI talked through the construction and cost impacts, always in an unbiased way. Their objective was to inform and let the client decide based on all the information available.”

Jay Scholten
Vice President, Innovation and Asset Management

Lisa Bruun
Former Head of Real Estate, Workplace Services & Security

Sean Loughran
Construction Manager

A Tailored Experience
We partner with a broad range of real estate, design, and construction professionals. See how we can directly address your needs.

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