Pre To Post QC

Preemptive Quality Control for Commercial Construction Projects

Having a dedicated team focused solely on workmanship details ensures that BCCI Construction Company delivers every project on schedule with the highest level of quality and professionalism in the industry. This system maintains consistency in quality, provides measurable results to strive towards, and produces a repeatable process from project to project.

Unparalleled Process

Our QC team is intimately involved in every project from the very beginning, not just as a project nears completion. They perform a preconstruction survey, identify the scope of work, and report existing conditions to the project team. This upfront knowledge of potential conflicts allows our clients to make informed decisions during the budgeting phase.

During construction, BCCI’s Quality Control team works in parallel with the Superintendent. Continuous pre-punch as construction progresses ensures that any imperfection is identified early and corrected.

Our clients can be confident that once their project completes, we are out of their space. They can move on with their business operations without interruption, and our business partners can move on to their next project.

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