Touring California’s First Living Building: ARCH|NEXUS

BCCI’s Sustainability Coordinator, Matt Koester, organized a tour of ARCH|NEXUS’ Sacramento office for the Living Building Challenge Bay Area Collaborative, a group of contractors, engineers, architects, and other creatives. ARCH|NEXUS, a commercial architect, designed and managed the project to achieve the first Living Building Challenge (LBC) certified project in California. LBC, the International Living Future … Continued

GreenBuilder Conference: Triple Zero & the Pilot Project

Click here for Part 1 of BCCI’s Sustainability Team’s Experience at GreenerBuilder 2018. By Halie Colbourne, BCCI Sustainability Associate & Matthew Koester, BCCI Sustainability Coordinator This year, GreenerBuilder honored the San Francisco Airport with two breakout sessions. Erin Cooke, Sustainability Director of SFO, took the reins in introducing the San Francisco Airport Terminal One Redevelopment … Continued

GreenBuilder Conference: Building Resiliency and Diversity

By Halie Colbourne, BCCI Sustainability Associate & Matthew Koester, BCCI Sustainability Coordinator This year, BCCI’s Sustainability Team had the privilege of participating in the U.S. Green Building Council’s GreenerBuilder Conference, San Francisco’s premier venue for architects, contractors, owners and other green building professionals to learn about cutting edge projects and latest trends in the Bay … Continued

The JUST Label: Social Equity in the Workplace

Click here for Part 1 and Part 2 of BCCI’s Sustainability Team’s Experience at the 2018 Living Future unConference by Kena David, BCCI Sustainability Manager This year’s Living Future unConference’s theme, Authenticity + Action, focused on taking a look at the wounds of the world and what we are doing to heal them. Amanda Sturgeon, … Continued

Regenerative Building: We Are What We Create

Click here for Part 1 of BCCI’s Sustainability Team’s Experience at the 2018 Living Future unConference by Matthew Koester, BCCI Sustainability Coordinator Material selection plays transformative roles in creating and revolutionizing supply chains. In valuing aspects of the Living Building Challenge’s Materials Petal, specifiers create market demand and a competitive imperative among manufacturers. These market signals were … Continued

2018 Living Future unConference: Inspiration Abound

by Halie Colbourne, BCCI Assistant Sustainability Manager A few weeks ago, an inspired group of builders, designers, manufacturers, sustainability consultants, owners, and operators convened in Portland, Oregon for the 2018 Living Future unConference. The conference was attended by over 1,200 people from 61 different countries including 850 ILFI Ambassadors. Amanda Sturgeon, ILFI’s CEO kicked off … Continued

2018 Water Conservation Showcase: A Rising Wave

On a rainy morning in San Francisco, green building professionals and water conservation enthusiasts converged at the PG&E Pacific Energy Center for the 15th Annual Water Conservation Showcase. The expo spanned two floors, featuring 40 vendors exhibiting water conservation technologies and services for residential, commercial and landscaping application. Attendees weighed opportunities in fledgling recycled water … Continued

Greenbuild 2017: Women in Green Power Breakfast

by Halie Colbourne, BCCI Assistant Sustainability Manager Thursday, November 9th, 2017 hundreds of women woke up bright and early for Greenbuild’s Annual Women in Green Power breakfast. I’ve repeatedly heard great things from fellow Bay Area colleagues that this event is a must do. Each table was marked with a famous and fearless female leader: … Continued

Mythbusters: Millennials in The Workplace

Millennials are now the largest generation in the workforce. Born between 1981 and 1997, they are the most culturally diverse and most educated group in U.S. history. Many will tell you that there are a number of misconceptions about their generation. Frequently depicted as a technology addicted and entitled group who fear commitment, it might … Continued

Millennials Bring Health and Wellness to the Workplace

The millennial generation is the first generation to grow up with mobile phones and ready access to the Internet. They’ve had the luxury of answers to virtually any question at their fingertips. Their lives have always been digital and connected. This generation—now the largest in American history—has proved to be the impetus for many changes … Continued