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BCCI Construction

New headquarters marks a shift from traditional office space to an open, collaborative workplace

LocationSan Francisco, CA

Client/Owner BCCI Construction


  • BCCI Construction

Size 16,150 sf

LEED Rating Leed Rating

WELL Rating

WELL RatingWELL Rating

When we moved our headquarters to Levi’s Plaza, a shift was made from traditional office space to an open and inspiring work environment which supports the form and function of the organization. Both designed and constructed by our team, the new office was built to meet LEED v4 CI requirements and the WELL Building Standard which has performance requirements relevant to occupant health for air, water, nourishment, light, fitness, comfort, and mind. Wellness and comfort are emphasized through features such as healthy building materials and furnishings with low-emitting volatile organic compounds, air filtration systems, filtered water stations, ergonomic furniture, natural light, and elements of nature throughout the space.

Playing off the concept of “tailored fun”, the office has a welcoming feel of hospitality. A crisp, clean aesthetic with a palate of white, gray and black brightens the space while accents of butter yellow provide added interest.

Walls and ceilings were removed to enhance a feeling of spaciousness and transparency with greater sightlines throughout the space. For acoustical comfort in the open work environment, cellulose insulation was sprayed on the ceilings and carpet was chosen as the dominant floor covering for sound masking. Interior lighting was carefully selected to resemble the color and quality of natural light. At reception a “carpet” of sculptural lights creates a dramatic affect while in the main office space, linear light fixtures hang from the ceiling and provide balanced illumination.

A “boulevard” bookended by butter yellow high top tables for impromptu meetings connects the open work area. Workstations and layout space for drawings and submittals were configured along window lines to provide all employees with ample access to daylight and views of the outdoors. Furniture was selected to support flexible work and individual comfort, such as sit-stand desks and ergonomic chairs.

The office features a number of community spaces to gather, connect, and celebrate. In the entry lobby, a glass dining table and coffee bar greets guests while also bridging the main conference spaces – a training room with a movable partition and furniture, a more formal boardroom, and an intimate meeting room with a custom round wood table. The kitchen/lounge space features a bar and pool table for employee enjoyment and company events as well as a connection to the outdoors with access to a private patio and views of the adjacent Levi’s Plaza Park.

Private spaces for refuge and reflection include focus rooms, phone rooms and a wellness room. Wall coverings with leaf and birch tree prints in these spaces support biophilia, further continuing the connection to the natural environment.

In addition to promoting a healthy lifestyle through BCCI’s wellness program and twice-weekly delivery of nutritious foods, employees are encouraged to use public transit through the company’s commuter benefits program or ride their bicycle to work and use the indoor bike rack.

Our San Francisco headquarters was awarded LEED v4 CI Silver certification and is also WELL Certified™ Silver by the International WELL Building Institute (IWBI™). The tenant improvements represent the 18th certified WELL project in the United States, the sixth certified project in California, and the first in San Francisco.

“We are thrilled that BCCI has achieved WELL Certification for its San Francisco headquarters in an effort to improve the health and well-being of its employees. With each new WELL Certified building, we further our goal of showing the world how we can push building projects to new heights of sustainability.”

Rick Fedrizzi
Chairman and CEO, IWBI™

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